Wallio is a free, simple app to help you and your family stop overspending, get out of debt, grow your cash pile, eliminate the stress of money management, and achieve your financial goals.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help you stop stressing about money and live a better, fuller life as a result. 

Useful app for setting my savings goals and tracking my progress toward them. The slider tool is helpful with visualizing how different levels of daily savings will add up.
— AppStore Review by Cerelith


  1. Connect all your spending accounts: checking accounts, credit cards, and department store cards. 
  2. Wallio will download and analyze your transactions, detect income streams and bills, and calculate your financial standing.
  3. Understand how much you really earn, how much of your income goes to bills, and what is left to spend, guilt free.
  4. Set your goals: a dream vacation, a motorcycle, or simply getting out of debt. Achieve them all!