Street prospecting



When you talk to people you follow today’s routine to make them curious, get their phone number - everything you were coached by WFG leaders. Follow routine that works guaranteed. However, if person falling through and you are losing him or her, don’t let them leave with nothing, no value and no chance to come back to you. Give them something of value for them personally and give yourself a second chance to get that person’s business: give them Wallio!

What you say:

If you can get free Financial Review $500 value, would you take it?

Yes: our company runs a promotion now to help fight financial illiteracy in America. We are allowed to distribute some number of free financial reviews to regular people like you. Here is a free ticket for your review. Just use your phone camera to scan the code and follow the instructions to get it. You can do it all from anywhere, anytime. No risk no obligations!


No: just in case you change your mind, here is a ticket to claim your free review. You can do it all from anywhere, anytime. No risk no obligations!

Struggling family



After you done financial analysis for a family and you you see family struggles to manage their ongoing expenses suggest them to manage their money with Wallio. Family may be not be in position to buy insurance (any other financial service today) but they may be in that position tomorrow. Empower them to solve short term financial issues so that they come back to you when they are in better shape.

What to say:

I suggest you to use a tool named Wallio that will help you to manage your money. It is a very simple tool to manage your budget without budgeting. Use it for some time and you will see how your financial situation improves. You can always communicate with me through Wallio to ask any question. In my turn I will let you know if better product or service is available for you.

Group Coaching



You are running a group coaching session for employees of some enterprise. After the session you stay longer to answer people questions, get contacts and try to catch as many prospects as possible. Some people shy to come over, some in hurry to get back to their routine, some take your business card but shy to pick up a phone to call you. Give people more choices to contact you. Give them option to self assess their financial situation from the comfort of their home. Make them want to come see you. Give them Wallio.

What to say

Because you attended our coaching session today you all are entitled to a free personal financial review a $500 value! Make sure to take one of these cards before you leave today. Make sure you do not leave the opportunity to make your financial situation better on this table. This card is your first step to money stress free life.