Wallio is built on simplicity. 



You will not see traditional budgeting tools. You will not be required to categorize your expenses. You will not see recommendations to cut your morning coffee. You will not be asked to open additional accounts. You will not be told to stop using your favorite credit cards. Wallio will help you stop overspending and get the things that matter the most without adding complexity to your life.

The best financial advisor among different financial apps so far. Very thought through and easy to use. And first that really works!
— AppStore Review

How it works

Wallio follows one-week periods, from Monday to Sunday. At the beginning of the week, Wallio allocates an amount of money for you to spend when and how you want, guilt free. All bills and savings goals are factored in, so you don’t need to stress about them. Spend all the money you’ve been allocated and still grow your cash pile. If you don’t spend the allocated amount by the end of the week – save it toward your goal with one touch. If you overspent – you will get less money the next week. Wallio won’t let your dreams vanish and will help you grow your cash pile!

Well organized app. Intuitive steps to add to savings or subtract from checking. Many useful add-ons.
— AppStore Review by Pearlman222


Wallio’s formula to grow your cash pile is simple: spend less than you earn. You don’t need to think about where, when, or how much money you spend. Occasional splurges are even welcome – with Wallio, you’ve got them covered, guilt free. Just don’t overspend routinely. Keep using your favorite credit cards with your favorite perks at your favorite places, while Wallio keeps you on track toward achieving your goals.


Wallio monitors your bills and warns you if one unexpectedly goes up. It also monitors for and notifies you of large or suspicious transactions, and calculates your safety rank. With Wallio, you can see upcoming income streams, bills, account balances, and transactions all in one place.