The New Years Resolution You’re Going to Keep !

The holiday onslaught has finally completed, which means your waistline, bank account, and sleep patterns have all taken a serious hit. We feverishly shop around grabbing presents that have been marked up while dropping extra dollars at bars and restaurants for holiday parties. It can take a serious toll on your budgeting. That’s why come New Years, everyone sets their resolutions, like weight loss, exercising more, and saving better.

However, we all know these resolutions fall flat after just a few weeks. Life is hard and things get busy. Well, we’re here to help you make financial responsibility a resolution you actually stick with.

If you’re determined to make 2019 the year financially planning for the future, it’s time to learn more about a simple financial budgeting app that can get you there.

Welcome to Wallio.

What is Wallio?

Wallio is a user-friendly budgeting app that was designed for everyday person. Unlike other budgeting apps available today, Wallio was designed with SIMPLICITY in mind. In just a few taps, manage money, track transactions, and know how much you can spend per day without all of the confusion. NO CATEGORIZATION WHATSOEVER! (drink your latte as much as you like :-)

How does Wallio do it? Simply connect your banks, credit unions, credit card, department store cards, mortgages, insurances, loans, 401ks, and other K’s and B’s. Let Wallio do the rest.

Why Download Wallio?

It Helps You Create Good Spending Habits: We form habits by doing the same thing, over and over again. It becomes second nature. When you create a spending habit, it will become part of your everyday life. You’ll be fiscally responsible without even realizing it.

Climb Out of Debt: If you’re someone drowning in debt, especially student loan debt, you need a plan to get out of your current financial situation. Wallio contains features that enable you to pay off that debt over a certain time period for future freedom.

Goals and Dreams: Set your financial  goals and enjoy every day journey to getting closer to your dream

The New Years Resolution You’re Going to Keep

Almost one-third of the population lives with constant money stresses. If that’s you, know that you are not alone. That’s why we set out to create Wallio, making you and your family’s life easier and more financially stable for whatever the future holds.

This is the one New Years Resolution that you are actually going to keep.

Download Wallio today put it to work for your bright financial future!